I think that in general it is fair to say that using "shooty cavalry" armies such as Huns, Seljuqs, etc. is not easy and they have a steep learning curve. For most players their first few games with an army of this sort will not be very successful.

Patience is key. Keep at it and you'll start to learn what works and what doesn't. Even when you have got your head around using them you'll still need to be patient. Shooting is attritional and rarely produces big results from a single round of shooting - although it can happen and boy does it feel good when it does, and the look on your opponents face can be priceless. However, you'll almost certainly have many turns when you feel you're doing little or nothing with your shooting - but persist, luck comes in batches, it isn't evenly distributed.

One thing you will have to learn is when to Skirmish and when to Run Away as responses to charging. Remember that a Skirmish response is 2 BW less than your normal move and the variable move can reduce this further - you need to weigh up the risks and rewards here, and take into account that you can cause Slows on the chargers, but they may be able to Prompt Through Fire to counter them. As you can see, a number of variables which is why you only get the hang of using these troops through experience.

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