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Army Lists[]

The MeG army lists are divided into 6 sets each containing a number of collections.

When creating a new army page, use the 'preload template' dropdown box to get the standard set of headings.

I think one way of uploading army lists at the moment would be to take a screenshot of the Print Format page of the army builder spreadsheet and post that. Another would be to print the page to PDF format and use a free online converter such as to make a jpg image and then post that into the page.

User Guide - Adding and Editing the Wiki[]

Common Army Types[]

An overview of some of the popular army types available, including the often numerous lists that are covered by each. Hopefully will help newer players familiarise themselves with the huge array of armies available.

  • Roman
  • Mongol
  • Nomad Hordes
  • Chinese
  • Successor
  • Chariot armies
  • Viking types
  • Eastern European Cavalry
  • Barbarian Horde
  • Samurai Japanese

Common Troop Types[]

An explanation of various popular (and maybe effective) troop types; hopefully useful to newer MeGers who may not yet be aware of some of the terminology, both the historical terms and player terms.


Some hints and tips as to how some types of armies can be used to effect.

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