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Using Great Seljuk Empire in MEG[]

The army, at least in my hands, is a shoot, soften the enemy up, fall back and repeat until you can make a hole in or weaken the enemy formation to the point where a charge by Mamluks or Kurds can crack the battle open.

Flank marches with the Turkoman cavalry are an option but if done reuduce the on table force significantly.


Pechneg Allies[]

Troops and suitable miniatures[]

My army is made up of Outpost miniatures, they are hopefully suitable for the Seljuk Empire but also double up as generic early medieval Arabs.

Other sources of figures include:

Essex Miniatures

Khurasan Miniatures

Ancient & Modern

Seljuk Mamluks and Turkoman cavalry.jpg


Example Army Lists[]

Great Seljuk Empire - Hammy.png