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Using Early Imperial Romans in MEG[]

Troop Types in the List[]

Cavalry No details.

Roman Cavalry (GK) - 2021.jpg

Equites Catafractarii Despite the name, this does not refer to cataphracts, this can either be Sarmatian mercenary lancers, or Roman cavalry armed in Sarmation fashion (lance armed cavalry), they might have a light section of armour across the front of the horse.

Legionaries Legionaries use rectangular shields early on in this list, there are a number of designs that are known, but the colours used are unknown (so pick something that looks cool).

Early Imperial Legion 1 (GK) - 2021.jpg
Early Imperial Legion 2 (GK) - 2021.jpg
Early Imperial Legion 3 (GK) - 2021.jpg

Paetorian Guard The Emperors Guard, the Praetorian guard are the elite troops of the Roman army. Their shields are a distinctive shape, oval with rounded edges, they also have plumes on their helms (whilst the standard legionaries no longer have plumed helms by this time).

Praetorian Guard (GK) - 2021.jpg

Auxilia No details.

Early Imperial Auxilia 1 (GK) - 2021.jpg

Auxiliary archers No details.

Bolt Shooters No details.

Light Horse No details.

Equites sagittarii This translates literally as horse archers.

Archers No details.

Slingers No details.

Javelinmen No details.

Building and Using the Army[]



Jewish (in Syria to 6 CE and 66-73 CE) Book: Italy (Classical Period)

Nabatean (Syria to 106 CE) Book: Italy (Classical Period)

Parthian Vassal States (in Syria) Book: Italy (Classical Period)

Commagene (in Syria) Book: Italy (Classical Period)

Armenian (in Syria) Book: Italy (Classical Period)

Early German (in Germany 16 BCE - 16 CE)

Romans as allies[]

Early Imperial Romans can be used as allied for three lists. They are an interesting option as an ally, you can take a TuG of Auxilia with 3 TuGs of Veteran Lgionaries (Superior Legionaries), giving a list a real infantry punch.

Ancient British: Book: Germany, Gaul and Britain (Classical Period)

Numidian or Moorish: Book: Spain, Sicily and Africa (Classical Period)

Thraco Roman: Book: Balkans and the Pontic Steppe (Classical Period)

Troops and suitable miniatures[]


Example Army Lists[]