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==Using The Achaemenid Persian – Satrapal Army in MEG==

The Satrapal version of the Achaemenid Persians is similar to the Achaemenid Persian – Royal Army, but with different restrictions on troop types and the availability of Immortals.

You need to decide on which satrapy the army is from as this has a major impact on which of the many and varied troops are available.

The Eastern satrapies have access to 18 Saka (flexible horse archers), and another 18 horse archers (skirmisher horse archers), which with the guard and Iranian cavalry can make quite a powerful horse archer army.

The Western satrapies have close order foot instead, with the Greek regions giving access to poor hoplites, as well as a Classical Greek ally.

The signature troops of the list are the sparabara and the Immortals. These are less restricted than in the Achaemenid Persian – Royal Army, with sparabara (pavise and bow) only being compulsory when any infantry is taken, or in western satrapies. All of these can be upgraded to Immortals, thus gaining skilled shooting and drilled status.


Classical Greek allies provide a wodge of decent hoplites and turn the Persians into a solid infantry army with cavalry and loose order foot support.

The hoplites help deal with the vulnerability of sparabara to cavalry at the cost of limiting access to some cavalry types in the main list as on the Western satrapy of Thrace, Macedon and Greece can take them.

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